New tutors

Interested in tutoring? Here’s how to get involved!:

1. Browse around our website and check out our About Us page to learn more about our program.

2. Attend a combined info/training session for new tutors! Learn more about our program and get trained as a tutor. Training sessions are held during the first few weeks of each semester. Dates and online sign-ups will be posted as an announcement on our homepage.

3. Once you attend a training session, you will receive a new tutor info form. Please fill it out!

4. Complete the new OCS (Office of Community Service) registration process located on the Center for Community Partnerships Org Sync Page. When prompted, indicate interest in a tutoring position, and on the following page, check ‘yes’ when asked if you would like someone from WesReads/WesMath to contact you.

5. Federal Work Study Students: During the OCS registration process, check ‘yes’ when asked if you have a work study allotment. Then, watch the webinar and complete the brief webinar quiz. You will receive a confirmation email from the OCS office confirming your eligibility. You may NOT begin submitting time sheets until after you are approved by the OCS office, and you will not be paid retroactively.

6. When we receive your info form and confirmation that you completed the OCS registration process, we will grant you access to the Google doc spreadsheet we use for scheduling. Once you commit to a time slot, you are responsible for tutoring during that time for the rest of the semester!

7. At the bottom of the scheduling spreadsheet, you will find a link to the van doodle. If you will need a van to get you to and from the school, please fill out this doodle as soon as possible.

8. Check the van schedule for Macdonough or Farm Hill before your first day of tutoring if you need transportation.

9. Look over the relevant tutoring materials for WesReads or WesMath before going in to tutor so you are prepared. Hard copies of the materials will be found in the front office at each school.

10. Keep a look out for emails from us regarding weekly schedule changes!

11. Have an amazing semester with your tutees! Always feel free to email us at with any questions or concerns!


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